Since antiquity, many have believed that sea air has curative powers. The sunshine and ocean breezes at Pink Beach provide, perhaps, the ultimate proof of these claims. The Loren is the perfect place to embark on a route to wellness or resume your journey there with a new determination.

Discover exclusive Sisley’s Phyto-Aromatic Treatments and let yourself be transported to a wonderful sensorial world. Benefit from the unique “savoir faire” and experience of a prestigious brand best known for its use of essential oils and plant extracts to create highly effective products of the highest possible quality.

The Spa’s extensive menu also offers specialized massages, facials, and other treatments. With every detail and each expert touch, the Spa’s therapists will lead you on a creative, fully personalized journey to rejuvenation. The Spa offers four treatment rooms—including one couples room—two mani-pedi stations, a three-chair hair salon, men’s and women’s locker rooms with steam rooms, and a relaxation lounge with ocean views.

Spa Hours

On-Season (April 1st - October 30th): 9:00am to 7:00pm
Off-Season (November 1st – March 30th): 10:00am to 6:00pm

Sisley Spa lobby
The city at dusk
Massage in open air patio at the Sisley Spa
The city at dusk
The city at dusk
Bottles of summer body oils and lotions from the Sisley Spa
The city at dusk
Bottles of oils and lotions from the Sisley Spa
The city at dusk

Spa Services

Hair Services
  • Shampoo and Blow Dry
  • Shampoo, Cut and Style
  • Men’s Shampoo, Cut and Style
  • Up Do / Pin Up Styles
  • Olaplex Treatment

Special Occasion Services

  • Make-Up

Inquire about our bridal packages by calling The Sisley Spa at 441-493-1602

Spa Accompaniments
  • Eye Brow Wax
  • Bikini Wax
  • Underarm Wax
  • Arm Wax
  • Leg Wax
  • Brazilian Wax

Additional waxing services available upon request.

Manicures & Pedicures
  • Pink Classic Manicure - 50 min.
  • Pink Classic Pedicure - 50 min.
  • Loren Signature Manicure (Includes a paraffin moisturizing treatment) - 60 min.
  • Loren Signature Pedicure (Includes a paraffin moisturizing treatment - 60 min.
  • Shellac Manicure - 80 min.
  • File & Polish Change - 30 min.
Spa Indulgences
  • RENEW - 5 hrs.
    Deep Blue Massage, Phyto Aromatic Facial, Lunch, Loren Signature Manicure and Pedicure.
  • REJUVENATE - 3 hrs.
    Aromatherapy Awakening, Purifying Facial, Pink Classic Pedicure.
  • RESTORE - 2 hrs.
    Silent Stone Massage and Pink Classic Pedicure.
  • ROMANTIC BLISS - 2 hrs.
    Indulge with your loved one in a side by side Couples Bermuda Pink Massages followed by our Signature Loren Pedicures.
Indian Head Massage
50 min.

This therapeutic holistic treatment aims to rebalance your body’s energies by using a variety of acupressure massage techniques on the head, face, neck and shoulders. This massage stimulates blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage in your upper body, and therefore may clear sinuses, relieve stress and help you sleep better. If you experience headaches, eyestrain or anxiety this is the treatment for you.

50 min.

The treatment is designed to balance the body’s energy pathways through pressure points on the hands and feet that directly affect the muscles and vital organs in the body. This service is enhanced by essential oils that aid in restoring the body to its normal state.

Foot Massage
50 min.

Our feet do a lot for us. Just like your neck, back and shoulders, your feet can also benefit from a massage. This treatment will reduce tension and swelling, improve circulation and ease pain on muscles and joints.

Mother-To-Be Massage
50 min. | 80 min.

This soothing treatment delivers the perfect balance of relaxing massage techniques that ease stress while relieving joint and muscle tension during a very special time in a woman’s life. This massage is only allowed after the first trimester.

Couples Massage
50 min. | 80 min.

Whether with a friend or loved one, this massage allows you to enjoy one another’s company while each receiving a Swedish massage in our luxuriously designed couples suite.

Silent Stone Massage
50 min. | 80 min.

Ancient basalt stones, believed by many native cultures to hold great spiritual and healing power, are primed with radiant heat to melt knotted muscles and bring relief from tension.

Deep Blue Massage
50 min. | 80 min.

This therapeutic massage is designed for the person that likes a firm and effective massage to relieve muscle tension, increase flexibility, and improve overall muscle function. Our special blend of muscle relief gel issued to increase the benefits of the massage.

Bermuda Pink
50 min. | 80 min.

This classic style of massage consists of light to medium pressure with long flowing strokes to increase circulation, ease tension, and reduce stress.

Golfer's Massage
50 min. | 80 min.

Effective for athletes, this treatment uses deep compression massage stretches and trigger point therapy to address stiffness, soreness and inflammation in the muscles. Designed to enhance performance, increase range of motion and promote healing within the body.

Aromatherapy Massage
50 min. | 80 min.

The ultimate form of relaxation, this unique service is customized to fit the body’s specific needs. After a brief consultation, choose an aromatherapy that will help achieve a desired state of mind and body.

Signature Loren Massage
50 min. | 80 min.

This highly relaxing and remineralizing massage utilizes warm hand carved salt stones from the Himalayan Mountains. These are designed to balance the central nervous system and nourish depleted cells, leaving the body in a state of deep relaxation.

The Absolute Slimming Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment
80 min.

The Absolute Slimming Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment is ideal for tackling stubborn fatty deposits thanks to a sequence of slimming techniques such as kneading, twisting, friction and palping-rolling massage. These techniques, in conjunction with the application of the recommended Sisley slimming product, initiate the process of smoothing away dimples and improving the appearance of the skin.

The Zen Harmony Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment
50 min. | 80 min.

The Zen Harmony Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment offers a journey at the heart of an aromatic Californian massage, with added variations of intensity, techniques and scents. During the massage, no body part will be neglected. This treatment provides extremely relaxing and regenerating benefits.

The Phyto-Aromatic Facial For Men
50 min.

Exclusively designed for men, this Phyto-Aromatic Facial offers a moment of relaxation thanks to a very specific ritual. It combines efficiency and wellbeing for a hydrated, toned and fatigue-released skin.

The Phyto-Aromatic Purifying Facial
50 min.

Designed for combination, oily and problem skins, the Phyto-Aromatic Purifying Facial cleanses and purifies the skin while maintaining its water balance. The pores are tightened, the skin purified and the complexion evened out. The face restores its transparency, freshness and glow.

The Phyto-Aromatic Restorative Facial
50 min.

A precious moment of relaxation for stressed or irritated skin, the Phyto-Aromatic Restorative Facial is incredibly gentle. Skin is soothed and regains its vitality, comfort and bygone serenity.

The Phyto-Aromatic Radiance Facial
50 min.

Before a party or to erase fatigue or stress on a complexion, the Phyto-Aromatic Radiance Facial is a must as the effects are immediate: all signs of fatigue vanish, the skin is radiant and luminous.

The Phyto-Aromatic Hydrating Facial
50 min.

Designed with dehydrated skin in mind, the Phyto-Aromatic Hydrating Facial is extremely gentle, leaving the skin fresh and petal-soft.

The Phyto-Aromatic Intensive Sisleÿa La Cure Facial
80 min.

The excellence of Sisley revealed during an exclusive exceptional massage, at the core of a complete facial ritual with immediate anti-aging results. The expert massage movements combine acupressure, drainage and muscular stretch. It helps relax tension and stimulate the blood capillaries for better cell oxygenation and nutrition. Their energy is thus reactivated and the skin gains vitality.

The Phyto-Aromatic Replumping Youth Facial With Rose
80 min.

A timeless experience offering an exceptional feeling of wellbeing. A true beauty rendezvous, deliciously and naturally rose-scented, this gentle and pleasant journey relaxes the face, smoothes features and reveals the skin’s radiance. The complexion is fresher, the skin is re-plumped and signs of fatigue and age are smoothed away.

The Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Facial
80 mins

In 80 unforgettable minutes, the Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Facial offers a complete treatment involving sophisticated procedures, with indepth remodeling and the restoring of a youthful skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. The epidermis is toned, firmer, more resilient. Skin appears younger and healthier. This protocol exists in 3 different versions:

  • The Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Facial – Normal skin
  • The Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Facial – Dry to very dry skin
  • The Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Facial – Combination to oily skin
The Phyto-Aromatic Sisleyouth Energizing Early Wrinkles Facial
80 mins

This youth capital protector treatment, energizing and hydrating, has been specially designed for young adults to fight the very first signs of skin aging. The skin is instantly moisturized, revitalized and energized. Following the treatment, the complexion is fresher and more luminous.

The Phyto-Aromatic Intensive Hydrating Facial
80 mins

The Phyto-Aromatic Intensive Hydrating Facial draws upon Sisley’s extensive antiaging expertise for a unique experience. Concentrated in active ingredients which encourage water circulation within the epidermis, the treatment helps restore the ideal water balance in the skin. More supple and toned, the skin regains the bounce, glow and radiance of a young skin.


The Loren’s Fitness Center has all the equipment you need to maintain, or expand, your fitness regimen. It features state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment by Life Fitness, including two treadmills, a recumbent stationary bike, an elliptical machine, and two spinning cycles all with digital entertainment stations. Additionally, the Fitness Center has a free weight area with a multi-use cable machine. Open 24 hours, it’s suited to both early risers and those who want to hit the gym late at night.

Spoil yourself with a private or group yoga session with our local instructors from Salt Yoga Bermuda. Our instructors are trained in vinyasa, hatha, restorative, yin, prenatal yoga, and meditation. Choose from either a vinyasa group class, or one of our three signature private yoga classes to curate the best and most rejuvenating yoga experience for your stay.

Yoga Class Schedule

Monday: 9:30am
Wednesday: 12:30pm
Friday: 7:00am
Saturday: 8:15am and 9:30am

Woman unrolling her yoga mat on a sunny patio
The city at dusk
Cardio equipment in the fitness center facing windows
The city at dusk
Weightlifting equipment in fitness center
The city at dusk
Two woman in yoga pose on outdoor patio
The city at dusk
Weightlifting equipment and yoga balls in fitness center
The city at dusk


The Loren’s two heated pools—one for families and one for toddlers—are the center of life at the resort by day, and in the evenings as well when they glow beneath the night sky. With their views over the Atlantic Ocean, there’s no better place for a refreshing dip, lounging under an umbrella with a favorite book, or having an afternoon cocktail. Four poolside cabanas with ocean views offer private retreats for the day, while cabana attendants can provide everything from magazines to pool bites and chilled beverages.

.Just below the pool deck, you’ll find one of Bermuda’s famous pink beaches. Here, the brilliant turquoise blue water along the resort’s edge gently breaks on the rose-colored sand. You can stroll on the softest of sands, wade in the calm waters here, or join the brilliantly colored parrot fish as you snorkel along the reef that protects The Loren’s beaches.

Low view of oceanside pool in sun
The city at dusk
Woman relaxing on sand by ocean
The city at dusk
Lounge chairs and umbrella facing the ocean
The city at dusk
View of ocean from the pool, with a row of chaise seats
The city at dusk
Hotel pool at twilight
The city at dusk
Ocean wave on sand
The city at dusk
Wide view of pool with chaise seats and umbrellas
The city at dusk