sea-to-table cuisine

Chef Lourence Godinho and his team insist on using only the highest-quality ingredients in every dish. From the origins of the spices used and the methods by which they are ground to the source of each and every vegetable and fruit—whenever possible, local—no detail is overlooked.

The Loren’s culinary teams work with a variety of fishermen and small-scale farmers to source ingredients for the resort’s restaurants. The snapper on your plate at dinner was quite likely swimming in the Atlantic that same afternoon.

The Loren’s guests are accustomed to dining at the best restaurants in the world, and they are familiar with Michelin-starred favorites in Miami, New York, and Toronto—among other cities. The culinary team, with its commitment to seed-to-table and sea-to-table cuisine, are ready to impress even travelers and diners with the very highest expectations.

Closeup of grilled meats and vegetables
The city at dusk
Close up of chef arranging food on plate
The city at dusk
Close up of chef applying dressing to salad
The city at dusk