Weekend with Chef Karla Hoyos

May 27, 2023
Chef Dayanny De La Cruz

Join us for a weekend with Chef Karla Hoyos!

  • Four-Course Dinner With Beverage Pairings at Marée
  • Saturday, May 27th
  • 7:00pm Cocktails & Meet the Chef, 7:30pm Dinner
  • $230 per person
  • Brunch at Pink Beach Club
  • Sunday, May 28th from 11am - 3pm
  • $65 per person

To learn more and reserve your spot, call 441-293-1666 or email bda.events@thelorenhotel.com.

Chef Karla Hoyos’ love for life, family, and food began at her grandmother’s farm in Veracruz, where she learned that the humblest ingredients could make the most delicious food: making cheese from fresh milk, nixtamalizing corn after harvesting it, and making salsas/stews that had been passed down through generations. Her new restaurant, Tacotomia, is a celebration of the vibrant flavors of her Mexican roots.

After completing culinary school and studying business administration in Mexico, she traveled and worked around the world, in Michelin starred restaurants inSpain, traditional trattorias in Italy, and trained to be a pastry chef in the south of France.

After years of global culinary immersion, Karla made Miami home when she was named Executive Chef of “The Bazaar by José Andrés.” Not only was she José Andres’s first female executive chef but also has been recognized as Best Chef in Miami in 2020 and 2022.

In addition to her extensive and worldly professional experience, her passion for good food and helping communities has driven her to lead several relief kitchens for World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that provides meals in times of crisis, in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Spain, Bangladesh, and Poland, to name a few.

If not cooking for her guests or friends, Karla enjoys tennis, playing the piano, and always exploring new sources of inspiration. Find Karla on Instagram @ChefKarlaHoyos as she eagerly shares places, words, ingredients–or anything that brings her joy and inspiration.