Weekend with Chef Ryan Hardy

May 10, 2024
Ryan Hardy

Join us for a Weekend with Chef Ryan Hardy!

Chef Ryan Hardy wears many hats as the dynamic force behind The Delicious Hospitality Group (DHG) in NYC, where culinary magic unfolds at Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, Legacy Records, Ada’s Place, Easy Victor Café, Bar Pasquale, Midnight Plus One, and Silver Sands Motel. Known for his flair in the kitchen and entrepreneurial spirit, Ryan concocts immersive dining adventures that not only feed stomachs, but the soul. From cozy cafes to upscale eateries, each DHG establishment bears the mark of Ryan's passion for crafting memorable experiences. After a successful career at the helm of kitchens across the country and as an organic farmer, Ryan found his true home in the vibrant culinary scene of NYC. In 2013, he unveiled Charlie Bird, setting the stage for a string of successes that would define his career.

Come meet Chef Ryan Hardy as he brings his culinary talents to The Loren in Bermuda. Picture a soirée on The Disk on Thursday night for a special kick-off celebration. And on Friday, a four-course feast infused with some of the world’s most exquisite wines. It's a weekend filled with flavor, cocktails, and a touch of Ryan's signature charm.

  • May 9: Kick-off Celebration on The Disk
  • May 10: Four-course Dinner with Wine Pairing in Maree Lounge