Musical Dinner Experience

March 12, 2023
Join us at The Loren for a Musical five-course Dinner Experience

Join us for a Musical five-course Dinner Experience.

  • $125.00 per person plus 17% gratuities
  • Enjoy the Vocal Talents of The Radcliff Pitches & The Harvard Krokodiloes, starting at 6:00pm
  • Reservations are available from 5pm–10pm
  • Book now or call 441-293-1666

The Radcliffe Pitches, Harvard's Oldest Treble A Cappella Group

The Radcliffe Pitches were founded in 1975 at the historic Hasty Pudding Club. Our group is made up of 12 to 14 undergraduates who love to sing. Together, we perform a repertoire inspired by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Every year, the Pitches perform many concerts at Harvard and around the world, with destinations including England, France, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Bermuda, and Mexico. We simply love to entertain, and our shows range from concerts at large venues to performances for celebrities and private events.

The Kroks

The Harvard Krokodiloes are rooted in the Hasty Pudding Club, founded in 1770 and recognized as the oldest collegiate social organization in the United States. The club was built upon traditions of brotherhood, wine, and verse, a combination which led four of the more musically minded members, in 1946, to carry those traditions into the world of close harmony. Inspired by the stuffed crocodiles mounted upon the wall of the Pudding’s Upstairs Bar, these pioneering songsters adopted the Greek word for crocodile, and the Krokodiloes were born.