At The Loren Group, we’ve taken great care to keep our environmental impact low. But we want our business to do more: not only to offset the emissions that we produce, but also to help reduce the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. That’s why we have established the Roots Imperative, a non-profit, taking climate action today to help make a difference tomorrow. Roots’ current goal is to acquire and regenerate over 50,000 biodiverse acres of land, and plant 10 million hardwood trees—trees that will consume at least ten times the carbon dioxide we produce—enabling us to give back more than we take from the world. We’re proud to say we’ve already purchased more than 2,500 acres.

Help Us give back more than we take from the world

Experts believe that preventing a 2° Celsius increase in global temperature can preserve much of the character of the world as we know it. This property proudly participates in The Loren 2% < 2° Initiative, a program that allows our hotel and restaurant guests to donate 2% of the cost of their stay and/or meal to fund the Roots Imperative’s carbon sequestration program. We hope you will find the voluntary 2% contribution we add to your bill a small amount towards helping make a very big difference.

If you would like to contribute, please contact our staff at

Sun shining through thick forest trees